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160 years of the Nazareth Trust (Life and Work magazine)

It’s the start of a new month and we have some brilliant news to share with you. The Nazareth Trust has been featured in the November issue of Life and Workthe magazine of the Church of Scotland.

The article, written by Thomas Baldwin, showcases the work of the Trust while drawing special attention to the 160th anniversary and the 160th-anniversary appeal towards the ER Development Project.

Life and Work magazine was founded in 1879 by Archibald Hamilton Charteris, a professor of biblical criticism at Edinburgh University. The magazine has received several awards, including best member Magazine of the Year (2004) at the PPA Scottish magazine awards and the Andrews Cross Award (2005) by the UK wide Churches Media Council.

We couldn’t be more honoured for our work to be highlighted in such a prestigious Scottish Christian publication.

You can read the article here: 160 years of the Nazareth Trust (Life and Work)