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Thank you... from the heart!

Thank you… from the heart!

At the Nazareth Hospital EMMS, we constantly strive to provide the best healthcare possible to the people of Nazareth and beyond. This year we are celebrating three years since the opening of our state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Unit.

Heart disease is one of the highest causes of death in Israel. Thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters, the creation of this Catheterization Unit allows us to diagnose and treat urgent cases much more quickly and efficiently. Lab Director, Dr. Akram Abul Ful, describes the uniqueness of the lab at Nazareth Hospital, “Unlike other hospitals, we perform catheterization interventions in veins located beyond the heart area such as the lower limbs and the upper limbs, the aortic vein and the carotid artery. In cooperation with the medical team from the vascular surgery unit, these interventions are performed here in the Catheterization Lab.”

The Catheterization Unit allows our specialist staff to respond and treat a range of medical conditions and emergencies. This summer, the Unit staff treated five different patients in just one night. Since it’s opening over 2,500 have been performed. Last year the Unit treated over 600 cases and as of 2018 is now operational 24/7 with an anticipated 1000 cases per year.

Our grateful thanks go to all those who supported the creation of this unit and who have allowed us to continue changing and saving lives in Nazareth.

Watch our Catheterization Unit video to find out more.