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Our current leadership. They’re in charge of driving the Nazareth Hospital into the future with many exciting development plans.
His journey began in 1970 as a medical student at the Nazareth Hospital, an experience which always remained with him. Forty-four years later, he became the Trust’s Chair of the Board. Dr Jamieson stepped down from the Board in 2022.
While Robert was the General Director of the Nazareth Hospital, Nancy was in charge of the School of Nursing. Today, her legacy lives on with the Nancy Martin Memorial Scholarship, supporting students at the School of Nursing.

What was meant to be a temporary 6-months position at the Nazareth Hospital ended up in 20 years of service as an obstetrician, gynaecologist and paediatrician. Runa also worked as District Medical Officer at the Israeli Ministry of Health, and once retired, she joined the Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Dr Green was passionate about missionary work. After serving at the Nazareth Hospital for one year, he travelled to the West Bank and Africa to continue his work in medical mission. After he died, his son donated his dad’s life-long stamp collection to help fund future hospital projects.

She worked as a Matron at the Nazareth Hospital for 24 years and was also a member of the examination board for nurses in Palestine. Many well-known people attended her retirement tea party, including the Mayor of Nazareth at that time.