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Experiences like no other

SERVE Nazareth provides experiences like no other. Our programmes are tailored to each volunteer providing a personalised journey and experience for each SERVEr. Each volunteer encounters something unique and special to them.

We were recently joined by a church group from Scotland. John from the group shares some of his experiences with us.

“There are some places that, when you arrive, you feel immediately at home. For me, Nazareth is one of those places. Something about the houses, piled randomly on top of one another, climbing and covering the hills; the narrow, shady and cooler alleys of the old town; the open-fronted shops displaying sacks of nuts, dried fruit and aromatic spices; and the hubbub of a busy town resonated with deep childhood memories.

Nazareth feels comfortable and unpretentious but not without significance and interest. This is the place, after all, of the hidden Jesus; of the life lived quietly and far from the public eye. Just to be in Nazareth and to realise that you must inevitably walk where Jesus did is astounding and humbling.”

“In April of this year I was in Nazareth with a group from my local church as part of the SERVE Programme of the Nazareth Trust. We were there to take part in a mix of support activities centred on the Nazareth Hospital EMMS and the Nazareth Village, but also took the opportunity to visit key places around the Galilee and in Jerusalem.

On the hospital campus we picked litter, trimmed hedges, painted railings and accompanied the hospital Chaplaincy Service. At the Village we transformed into first-century farmers and labourers to populate and help recreate the experience of everyday life in the time of Jesus.

Two highlights will stay with me. Firstly, simply being in the places where Jesus was and walking where Jesus walked and secondly, living communally with eleven others, sharing meals, sharing spaces, sharing resources, sharing conversation, sharing lives.”