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A letter from Waseem Dibbini

February 2024 Update

February 7th, 2024

Dear Friends,

After two years of facing financial challenges subsequent to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to inform you that we have overcome the crisis and have moved forward to a new phase of financial stability in which we look to develop and expand our premises and services. All of this has been made possible through your support, each according to his ability, and with God’s provision as we face challenges with faith, hope and love.

Having said so, regretfully, we are still suffering due to the injuries and loss of innocent lives and destruction, resulting from the war and political instability, which clearly negatively affects us. This has sadly led to the suspension of the activities of the Nazareth Village and the Serve volunteer program . Due to the possible escalation of the war to the Northern borders, we are preparing, including training staff members, on how to act during the war and are improving our level of protection available to staff, patients, and visitors, alongside adding new protected areas in our premises.

Here are some initial details regarding the latest development in each leg of the Trust. A detailed newsletter will be delivered to you during the coming few weeks.

The Nazareth Hospital

The hospital has obtained a license to activate an MRI machine, built as an addition to the emergency department. This includes a protected area, new services supporting our ER Trauma department, expanding the outpatient department as well as increasing the number of beds in the hospital.

Many distinguished doctors have joined the hospital and contributed to raising the quality of services and of the hospital and its’ growing reputation as a centre of excellence.

We have also obtained the necessary funds from ministries and donors in the country and abroad to complete the abovementioned projects.

In the context of the war, the Maana Psychological Service Center provided services to the general public, the Trust’s staff, and residents displaced from their homes. This support had a significant impact on many overcoming the psychological distress they were exposed to following the events of October 7 and its aftermath . Funds were also received from local communities and institutions abroad to support these precious activities.

The Nazareth Academic Nursing School

The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing has obtained a license from the Higher Education Council, allowing it to enter into an academic partnership with Ono Academic College.

This will allow hundreds of students to join academic education with the opportunity to achieve a better professional and personal future. The construction of two additional floors, will contribute to increasing its capacity, improving all electronic equipment and simulation rooms, and improving the students’ experience. This is a result of the generous donation from Mr. Najeeb Farah from Canada, whose late mother studied in our nursing school and graduated from it in 1952, a budget from the Ministry of Health and a budget from the American ASHA Foundation, which NPI works hard to prepare, apply, report and collect.

Nazareth Village and the Serve Nazareth program

The Nazareth village had achieved an unprecedented number of visitors until October 7, 2023, and we have made remarkable progress in the process of obtaining a license to establish the new visitors’ center despite the current difficult circumstances that have suspended work in the village. Most staff are now on furlough whilst the remaining staff carry out maintenance, restoration and other PR work.

Spiritual services

Following the war, the spiritual services staff increased their presence around the Trust amongst staff and patients. As well as this they connected with other Christian institutions in the community with performances based on a spiritual Christmas theme. They also published and distributed many reflections on the values of Christmas, which had a special impact on everyone.

We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Richard Mayhew, who has worked as CEO for eight years ensuring very productive Trust development and success. We ask you to pray for him and his family in his next chapter in life.

Finally, we would ask you to continue praying for the Trust in all its entirety, our management, and staff, for continued development, success, and expansion of services, as well as prayers for our region for peace, justice, tranquility and prosperity for all.

All things we do for the Glory of God.

Sincerely yours,

Waseem Dibbini, CPA, MBA
Acting CEO & CFO