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International Volunteers Day 2022

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International Volunteers Day 2022

Celebrating International Volunteers Day at the Doctor's House.

This Monday was International Volunteers Day, and we had a big celebration at the Doctor’s House in honour of this special day.

Our volunteers come from all over the world! Amongst those who took part in the celebrations, we had a group of 17 people and their two leaders from The Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel (NCMI) and our long-term volunteers from the UK, USA, Paraguay and Germany.

After splitting everyone into two groups, the games began!

Some of the challenges they had to go through included moving cups using a balloon, blowing a balloon to try to knock over some cups, building a tower out of cups… There was also time to play Bingo and a good game of charades, guest-starring our beloved Olive Tree, which is always our preferred meeting point!

During the party, we also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of two of our wonderful volunteers.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all our fantastic volunteers: thank you for doing what you do! Thank you all for joining us yesterday. We all had a blast!

Counting the days for the International Volunteers Day 2023…

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