The Nazareth Trust

Healing in the name of Jesus since 1861
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In honour of the 160th anniversary of the Nazareth Trust’s arrival in the hometown of Jesus, we have launched a special appeal. This initiative offers our supporters the opportunity to become part of our unique history and invest in our future mission.

We appeal to those who can to donate £100 for 60 months.

By making this commitment you are coming alongside us as we build for the future. These resources will enable us to improve the quality of our work and maintain a high standard across our facilities. A key focus in the coming years is to continue the expansion and modernisation of our buildings. The standard of our medical facilities and those at Nazareth Village, as well as the School of Nursing, are crucial to our continuing to provide an attractive experience for staff, patients, students and visitors.

When our hospital, Nazareth Village, School of Nursing and SERVE Nazareth volunteering programme succeed, our Christian ministry has the platform upon which to thrive.

An investment in the Nazareth Trust as an organisation is an investment in our ministry. Click on the link below to sign up today.