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Our story so far...


  • Hopsital Founded

    Hopsital Founded

    Dr Kaloost Vartan head to Nazareth to set up a medical clinic.

  • Hospital Opens

    An eight-bed hospital and dispensary are opened.

  • Leaving Edinburgh

    Leaving Edinburgh

    Mary Anne departs Edinburgh for Nazareth with her husband Dr Kaloost Vartan. A larger complex is found, and an 18-bed hospital and dispensary are opened.

  • Land Purchased

    The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society grants funds the purchase of 25 acres of land on a hill west of the city for the building of a new hospital.

  • Building complete

    The first hospital building is completed.

  • New buildings

    New buildings are established to accommodate new services and the increasing patient load

  • School of nursing founded

    The School of Nursing is founded, the vision for which was pioneered by Dr Fredrick Scrimgeour

  • Israeli Government approval

    The Israeli government agrees to pay for the clinical services provided by the hospital.

  • New wards built

    The hospital consists of a male and a female ward. Under the new administrator, the hospital is developed to provide specialised departments and existing departments are refurbished. New departments include a labour ward and out-patients department.

  • Maternity Facilities

    New maternity facilities are created at the hospital in addition to dialysis and physiotherapy services.

  • New legislation

    Universal National Health Insurance is introduced in Israel. New legislation is introduced requiring medical practitioners to be able to read and write in Hebrew, having an impact on many of the expats working at the hospital.

  • Work begins on Nazareth Village

    Work on the Nazareth Village development project begins.

  • The village opens

    The village opens

    Nazareth Village officially opens. Over a million tourists and pilgrims have visited in the two decades since.

  • Great developments

    Great developments

    • SERVE Nazareth Volunteer Programme established
    • The School of Nursing is officially academized
    • EMMS Nazareth begins operating under the name ‘The Nazareth Trust’.
    • SERVE Nazareth launches short-term missions programme.
  • First Jesus Trail

    First Jesus Trail

    • First Jesus Trail walk takes place to bring supporters to Nazareth and raise funds for the hospital.

    • The School of Nursing celebrates 90 years of providing nursing education.

  • The village joins the trust

    The village joins the trust

    The Nazareth Village fully moves under the jurisdiction of The Nazareth Trust.

  • BA Nursing launched

    BA Nursing launched

    The School of Nursing launch a new BA Nursing programme

  • Neo-natal unit recognition

    Neo-natal unit recognition

    The Hospital’s Neonatal Unit is recognised as being the best in Israel for the fourth time.

  • Beginnings and ends

    Beginnings and ends

    • International Pastoral Care Programme launched.
    • Nazareth Hospital serves as the primary care facility for COVID-19 patients in Nazareth during the global pandemic.
    • Dr Amal Khazin retires after 25 years as Director of the School of Nursing.
  • 160 years

    160 years

    The Nazareth Hospital and Nazareth Trust celebrate 160 years of service.

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