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Nurse from Nazareth Hospital, Rabi Zahr, joins Ukraine’s Ministry of Health Medical Aid Delegation for Two Weeks

When the Nazareth Hospital management told the nursing staff about the possibility to join Ukraine’s Ministry of Health medical aid delegation, Rabi was the first to respond and apply, determined to help Ukrainians in need of treatment.

Rabi Zahr is a nurse in the Surgical Department and Victory Department (COVID-19 wards) at the Nazareth Hospital. He has been in Mostyska for three days so far, a city located on the border between Ukraine and Poland, 70km away from Lviv. He carries the flag of the nursing profession and the Nazareth Hospital, which has treated hundreds of thousands of people for 160 years in all circumstances, including war. Rabi will work in Ukraine for two weeks in total.

Rabi shares his decision with us:

“Nursing is one of the most important professions in the world and is closely related to people, their health, and their life. Giving is at the core of our work and a feeling of love and desire to help others. The humanitarian condition of the Ukrainian refugees from the war and their difficult medical conditions prompted me to travel and take part in the field hospital and help as much as possible with my knowledge and skills. It’s a different experience compared to our daily work since we are mixing with another society that is going through physical and mental stress.”

At the Nazareth Hospital, we are proud of his willingness and love to help others, representing the Nazareth Hospital and the city of Nazareth in this medical mission. We know very well the consequences of wars and the tragedies it causes in people. It is our humanitarian and professional role to stand by everyone in need and provide medical and nursing services to a high standard.