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Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

Training the next generation of nurses

Established in 1924 to address a shortage of professionally trained nurses, the School of Nursing has continued to train the next generation of nurses ever since.

Most of our students come from the local area around Nazareth and we are the only School of Nursing which serves the predominantly Arab population in the area. Over 300 students each year undertake General Nursing qualifications, ranging from a Diploma to a B.A. degree in Nursing.

Our staff are committed to drawing out the potential in each young person who attends the school. Alongside a focus on the academic and practical aspects of learning to become a fully-qualified nurse, we also develop each student to embrace values of excellence, compassion and the service of all, regardless of who they are.

The school enjoys its own dedicated teaching facility right next to the hospital. Students gain the best experience while they train with us, which was reflected in the 2020 graduation results where 100% of students passed their final exams.