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Ruth Shawe (1954-2022)

Remembering Ruth Shawe, teacher at the Nazareth Hospital School, 1986-90

Ruth Shawe (1954-2022)

Ruth Shawe (née Burrow) arrived at The Nazareth Hospital in 1986 to be the sole primary teacher for the children of expatriate families serving on staff in the hospital. She stayed for four years and had a life-long impact on all who knew her – children, parents, and hospital staff. Apart from being an excellent teacher with outstanding musical ability, her life, faith and walk with her Saviour Jesus was an inspiration – as these tributes make very clear. Her living witness shone too through the last few years of her life as she endured a slowly progressive cancer diagnosis. As for so many others, having lived and worked in Nazareth, the hospital and town – and especially its people – were always part of her.

ruth shawe

Ruth at the school, c. 1988.

Please join us in prayer as we remember the life of Ruth Shawe, a truly admirable lady with so much love to give.

Click here to read the tributes written by Irene Murray, Beth Hampson (Turnpenny), Ros Khalil, Miriam and Afaf (local midwives), Sue Burrow, Chloe Hutton and Alice Burrow.

May she rest in peace.