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Samir’s story

Samir made a big impression on us at the Nazareth School of Nursing. He started his adult life by studying abroad, hoping to become a priest and serve in the ministry. His plans changed when his parents became ill. The change in his circumstances forced him to cut his studies short and come home to Nazareth.

With these life-changing and sudden events, Samir made the decision to become a nurse and to study with us back in his hometown. Throughout his first year of studies with us, his mother’s deteriorating health weighed heavy on his mind. Unfortunately, his mother soon passed away. Everyone rallied around with his classmates and the staff team sharing in his loss. We were able to give Samir the support he needed to carry on.

Despite his loss, Samir remained determined to complete his studies and returned as soon as he could. On his graduation, he stood tall and proud, addressing the whole room on behalf of his classmates.

Today Samir works in one of the largest hospitals in the centre of Israel and is a credit to the profession.

As a Trust, whether it be the hospital, the School of Nursing, the Nazareth village or the team at Serve Nazareth, we continue to pray for Samir, his classmates and all students at the Nazareth School of Nursing so that all our students and graduates can be messengers of healing and love in Jesus name.