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School of Nursing appoints new Director

This month is one of profound transition for our School of Nursing, as Dr Amal Khazin hands over the Directorship to Dr Salam Hadid. Building on the foundational work of Nancy Martin, Dr Amal served in her post for 25 years and had a truly tremendous impact on the development of the school, where she herself re-connected with her faith in God.

When Dr Amal took over the school, it had only just started to offer its official Registered Nursing course. She has overseen the growth of this programme, as well as introduction of a BA degree option. Under her leadership, student numbers have grown alongside the quality of the programme and reputation of the institution. Perhaps the crowning moments of Dr Amal’s service have been the building of the modern School of Nursing building and the school’s academisation in 2010.

While it is difficult for us as an organisation to lose a leader of this stature and influence, we are immensely excited about welcoming our new Director. Dr Salam comes with an impressive track record of her own. She has a Master’s in Nursing Administration from Tel Aviv University and did her PhD through the University of Haifa, focusing on factors that influence the success of nursing students.

Throughout her career, she has balanced clinical work alongside academic. Dr Salam (pictured above) started out as an Emergency Department nurse at the Galilee Medical Centre before specialising in clinical pain management. Her desire to develop future generations of nurses led her to teaching posts at Safed Nursing School and later Safed Academic College, where she went on to become lead of their nursing programme before joining our School of Nursing this month.

Like Dr Amal, Dr Salam has a strong faith in God and asserts that this will be the basis of her leadership. With a strong background in nursing, academia and leadership, she brings a unique blend of skills and experience that will ensure the School of Nursing continues to thrive and develop. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr Salam and her exciting plans for the school, be sure to keep an eye out for our Annual Review Magazine next month, which will also include a full profile on Dr Amal among other interesting content about the Nazareth Trust’s various operations.