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Expansion of the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

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Expansion of the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

8th July 2022 – Project Update.

We’re beyond excited to share that the Expansion of the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing officially began this week!
Here are some photos from the early developments:

The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing in a Nutshell

The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing was established in 1924 and is located in Galilee right next to the Nazareth Hospital. The Nazareth Academy School of Nursing provides nursing degrees and develops highly qualified professionals specialized in nursing.

The Academy was founded in response to a shortage of trained nurses and prepares new generations of well-qualified nurses by employing systems- and evidence-based practice to promote health, wellness, safety and quality care for individual patients and populations.

Since its opening, the Academy has graduated over 2,700 registered nurses from both genders. In 2017, a bachelor degree program (B.A) in collaboration with the Emek Yeakel College, was approved by the Council for Higher Education.

Most of the Academy students come from the local communities around Nazareth. Many young men and women aspire to enrol in the school, study nursing and eventually be employed by one of the many hospitals in the country.

A simulation class led by Professors Fared Dwahri and Yousef Shenawi.

The Need for Expansion

The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing is the only school of nursing in the country that attracts a large number of Arab students – both female and male. The Academy graduates well-qualified and licensed nurses who have job opportunities in numerous hospitals and clinics in the region. Recently, the School of Nursing was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Israeli Ministry of Health and ranked as the second-best nursing school in the country. The criteria for the award included: the number of students enrolled in the programs, the dropout rate, the percentage of students who pass the government exam and their average score on the exam. In the past two years, the passing rate at the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing was 100%.

The Ministry of Health indicated in their 2019 statistical reports that 4,000 nursing graduates will be required annually to meet the needs of nurses. As a result, the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing has increased the annual target number of students to 450.

How can you support the project?

The expansion project received a major boost with an $850,000 pledge from the Israeli Ministry of Health. The pledge covers 50% of the costs of the project; however, it requires a match from other donors. Your contribution to this project will help the School achieve the match.

Are you ready to take action and ensure Israel has enough qualified nurses looking after the community?

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The projected increase in the number of students requires additional lecture rooms and simulation/laboratory rooms.

An additional 5,400 square feet of space is urgently needed in order to accommodate the expected increase of 130 additional students. The additional lecture rooms will also permit some additional courses and training for nurses’ personal and professional development.

Specific Needs for the Expansion


The School of Nursing management is planning the construction of two additional floors to the current building in order to provide additional space and equipment, as follows:

  • Four simulation rooms, two classrooms, and offices
  • Expanded and renovated space available for students’ study and activities
  • Procurement of the required medical and non-medical equipment for the simulation rooms in order to enable the students to practice and learn new nursing skills
  • Furniture and equipment for the classrooms and offices
  • An additional 120 parking spaces to serve the school’s staff and students

Architectural sketch of the first additional floor

Architectural sketch of the second additional floor