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Nazareth Hospital ER Department Ranks Second Best in the Country

The Nazareth Hospital Emergency Department Ranks Second Best in the Country

The results of an opinion poll published by the Ministry of Health showed the Nazareth Hospital in second place in the ranking of Best Emergency Rooms from all the hospitals in the country.

Nazareth Hospital retained its lead by achieving a high score of 82%, given by patients who received treatment over the last two years.

This honour is a result of the continuing high standard of medical care provided by the ER staff to all the population of the area, throughout the challenges of the Corona Pandemic and maintaining their efforts in treatment and service over the last two years.

It should be noted that during the last year the Emergency Department received recognition from the Scientific Academy Council as a recognized ​centre for specialization in emergency medicine, as well as receiving and serving approximately 70,000 patients annually.

The questionnaire was measured using many criteria that centred on the patients’ experience during treatment and their visit to the various emergency departments. These were: general satisfaction with the treatment experience, condition of the department’s infrastructure, waiting times, regularity of treatment and follow-up care, information and explanation given by staff about the patient’s condition, respectful interaction with the patient and being prepared to give a recommendation about the department.

Dr Najeeb Nasrallah, the ER Director, said:

“I would like to thank all the patients for their trust. This honour adds to our responsibility as a medical and nursing staff to provide the best treatments and diagnoses. Despite the difficult cases that reach the ER and the large numbers that visit the emergency room in the Hospital, we deservedly succeeded in ranking second and this success is a result of the great efforts and capabilities of our staff.”

Wael Shomer, the ER head nurse, stated:

“This honour and the appreciation from patients is the result of the professional work process carried out by our nursing and medical staff, as well as by the reception staff in the emergency department. They all seek to provide the best treatment services to our patients from the region. Huge thanks to all the staff members and to the families for their appreciation”.

Professor Fahed Hakim, Nazareth Hospital Director, remarked:

“To begin with, I would like to thank the emergency department staff for this new achievement. The Nazareth Hospital has promised its patients to continue the pursuit of medical and scientific excellence, and here we are reaping the fruit of the efforts and capabilities of our medical staff in the emergency department. The ER annually treats about 70,000 patients and provides services with high professionalism. I am so proud of our staff’s capabilities and thank our patients for both their trust in us and for choosing us.”