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Triplets at the Nazareth Hospital

The Nazareth Hospital EMMS was delighted to welcome 3 new additions to its Maternity and ICU departments this month – TRIPLETS!

Due to the rarity of the case (triplets occur in only 1 in 1000 pregnancies), Mrs Zeyneb, was admitted 3 weeks before her children were born to allow staff to monitor the babies and attempt to prolong her pregnancy to 35 weeks. They almost made it…after 34 weeks and 6 days the triplets were born by caesarean section.

Mrs Zeynab shared some of her experience at the hospital with us…

It wasn’t easy, but we felt this was a blessing from God. The medical staff were really helpful in getting us through this experience in good shape and safely. The staff treated us so well. Under the supervision of the amazing Maternity and Neonatal departments we are all safe and fine.

Following 3 weeks in the Hospital’s Neonatal ward, which was recently ranked as the 2nd best in the country, the triplets were discharged in excellent health. All the staff at the Nazareth Trust offer our congratulations to the Zeynab family.